Our mailing knowledge is exceptional.

At PJ Green, mail preparation has been a big piece of our repertoire for nearly 100 years. Our knowledge is exceptional. We can ensure that your project is processed and mailed according to postal regulations while achieving available postal discounts. We have an on-site postal BMEU facility staffed with USPS postal employees. We are actively involved in many regional Postal Consumer Councils (PCCs), providing us immediate access to postal professionals and their knowledge.

We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive solutions with meticulous quality control standards. We provide a full range of services to optimize your mailings such as:

  • Full Service IMB
  • Merge / Purge / Suppression
  • Demographic Mailing List Acquisition
  • Radius Mapping / Profiling
  • Postal Drop Ship Analysis

Optimize Your Data

Comprehensive solutions with meticulous quality control standards.